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Affordable, strong, energy-saving weatherproof buildings

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We at Reliable Building Solutions (RBS) provide complete building weatherproofing for your home with our insulation and waterproofing services. Building Insulation not only provides protection from heat and cold (covered by our thermal insulation services), but also minimizes ageing of the structure. Moreover, our insulation is not just for temperature extremes- it provides year-round indoor comfort and acoustic insulation as well. Our roof and wall insulation products block impact sound, while our ICF buildings dampen both air-borne and impact sounds.


We undertake roof waterproofing, building envelope insulation, ICF buildings construction, and supply building insulation materials all over India.

All for Insulation and Insulation for all!

No matter what stage your building is at, we have everything for your building insulation & waterproofing needs!

Click HERE to download our company & product profile. Our products & services for energy-saving green constructions offer structural protection with thermal insulation and waterproofing!

Learn why building insulation is the need of the hour, and ideal for YOU !


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insulated buildings

Insulate your home from the get-go!

Reliable ICF assembles in a Lego-like fashion much faster than normal brick-and-mortar constructions. The end result is a green building that's cost-effective and disaster-proof!

Roof and Wall Insulation for New and Old Buildings

Weatherproof your building no matter what stage it is at!

Want to save on your energy bills and save the environment while renovating an existing building, or constructing a new one? Worry not, Kooltiles and Reliable EIFS have come to the rescue!

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Reliable ICF featured in BMTPC's video on stay-in-place formwork

Talking about ICF buildings to budding architects at the National Seminar in Gautam Buddha University

We presented our work on ICF buildings in collaboration with BMTPC at the National Seminar on Emerging Building Materials and Sustainable Construction Technologies at the Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida. It was great to interact with the budding architects of tomorrow, and we hope to inspire them to create green buildings of the future!

Global Housing Technology Challenge set by Government of India

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India has conceptualized a Global Housing Technology Challenge - India (GHTC- India) which aims to identify and mainstream a basket of innovative technologies from across the globe that are sustainable and disaster-resilient. Such technologies would be cost effective, speedier and ensure a higher quality of construction of houses, meeting diverse geo-climatic conditions and desired functional needs.


This sounds right up our alley! Contact us if you want to collaborate!

Read more HERE

We presented our work on ICF at the CSIR- Central Building Research Institute, IIT Roorkee !

It was a great platform to showcase the technology, and how we have implemented it in and modified it for the Indian scenario.  We had many interesting discussions with the other participants. Liked our stall? Want to learn more? Write to us at marketing[at]reliableinsupacks[dot]com

Interested in getting a quotation, placing an order, or simply learning more? Reach out to us today!

We undertake building envelope insulation (roof and wall), roof waterproofing, application of EPS-based design elements (fins, shadings, screens, etc.) and the construction of 100% insulated, disaster-resistant buildings in India and abroad.

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