Benefits of Building Insulation

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Thermal Insulation in a building is just like the sun screen that many of us use when we are in the sun, outdoors. Imagine, the building stands in the sun the entire day.

  1. Building Insulation layer keeps the building at a stable comfortable temperature. 

  2. Insulation provides  improved energy efficiency to the heating / cooling equipment,

  3. Since the Insulation layer brings down the need for heating / cooling, the initial investment in such equipment comes down by 25-50%

  4. Energy spent in conditioning the interior can comedown by up to 80%

  5. Building Insulation ensures that the skin of the building (i.e. the envelope) does not expand (as any solid will when heated) and contract (as any solid will when it cools).

  6. Insulation reduces the building envelope layers from cracks and spalls (tendency of plaster to breakoff in patches)

  7. Insulation layering can be used to prevent moisture condensation in the building envelope and hence prevent seepages / moist patches

  8. Insulation prevents the building from growing old

  9. Insulation can be used as facade elements to enhance the aesthetics of the building facade.

  10. It acts as an impact sound absorbing material and along with the heavy building envelope material which stops air borne sound, assists in keeping the inside noise free.

How much cooler will my house be when I insulate?

Insulation doesn’t actually make you cooler or warmer. What insulation does is allow you to maintain a more even temperature more easily. In summer a well insulated home will stay close to the overnight temperature( say low 20’s ) whilst outside the temperature will rise to over 30 degrees or more, hence the saying up to 10 degrees cooler. In Winter the reverse happens, we are comfortable with heaters on and a temperature of say 18 – 20 degrees but in an un-insulated home the temperature will drop rapidly when the heaters are turned off. On a cold morning you will be within a degree or two of outside temperatures, say 7 0r 8 degrees whereas a well insulated home with good window coverings will stay within a few degrees of the comfortable 18 – 20 degrees. Again the saying 10 degrees warmer.

My new apartment is large, airy & spacious but we need  Air Conditioners all through the summers in the sun facing rooms . How can I save on power consumption & reduce my electrcity bills?

With externally insulated walls & roof, you save on lower tonnage of cooling equipment that will be required in your rooms. 
The interiors will cool faster & retain the same for a longer duration so ACs will run for a shorter duration. The savings in lower electrical consumption will ensure that you recover your investment. 
On an average, the return (payback period) on your insulation investment will be < 2 years with KOOLTILEs/ KOOLSHEETs and EIFS/ETICS.
Last, but not the least, proper insulation makes the building stronger, durable & prolongs the structural life of the construction. So you get to save on building maintenance costs as well!

Which part of the construction is winter heat loss or Summer heat gain maximum from?

Roof & walls account for the maximum infiltration, about 50-60%.

(see image)

What sort of disruption will there be to my home while insulation is being installed?

1000 sqft of the insulating material can be fixed by 2 people per day. This means that we will be out of your hair quite soon! How soon exactly depends on the size of the area being insulated.

Our trained crew will clean up after themselves and leave your building as clean as possible!

What’s the thickest and best Insulation I can get?

Be careful here! It is important to match the value of your insulation to the job in hand. Bigger (or in this case, thicker and denser) take up more space - a valuable commodity, and cost more.

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