You want the Building built by you to look and feel beautiful, not only on the day of its inauguration, but over its lifetime. However, nature's elements make your building grow old  due to daily expansion (by solar heat) and contraction (at night) to different extent, of the various layers that go into making the building envelope. This problem is accentuated by the seepage and moisture condensing in a conditioned building during High Relative Humidity or Sultry days.


Now with Reliable EIFS, you can stop this ageing of building simply by applying an external insulation layer of Polystyrene Foam, which is thermally stable and contains the temperature gradient preventing the stress cracks and as a tough yet flexible composite layer it can be designed to repel dust, rain and hailstorm. 



Benefits of EIFS

  1. Durable & Light weight

  2. More Thermal resistance value for less money. 

  3. Thermal resistance does not decrease over time

  4. Efficiently eliminates thermal bridges and thus prevents energy leakages despite insulation

  5. Interior Moisture / seepage control possible

  6. Possibility to fill surface cracks or curves

  7. Easy to cover up minor surface defects in the facade

  8. Thermally stable facade which does not crack or spall

  9. Easy to enhance facade beauty by adjusting to the existing cornices, pillars etc.

  10. Environmentally safe as there are no CFC, HCFC or VOC 

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We undertake building envelope insulation (roof and wall), roof waterproofing, application of EPS-based design elements (fins, shadings, screens, etc.) and the construction of 100% insulated, disaster-resistant buildings in India and abroad.

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