Fully Insulated Buildings made of ICF (Insulated Concrete Formwork)

ICF Blocks assembled before concrete pour

ICF Building after snow fall

Why Reliable ICF?

Watch our video in Hindi, with key points in English captions, to understand why

Insulate your home from the get go !

Build your homes with Reliable ICF and you can move inside in shirt sleeves while snow pours around you or you can be comfortable without AC in summer heat.

Reliable ICF assembles like hollow interlocking blocks like "Lego" much much faster than brick-mortar and concrete constructions and the climate conditioning load comes down by over 75%. Concrete is poured in the hollow walls from roof level to give a strong monolithic concrete core, free of joints.

Some of the benefits of ICF  construction over conventional:

  1. Very high thermal resistance (R-19) as compared to conventional concrete buildings (R-1.4). Hence locks in the thermal comfort and stops outside weather from coming in.

  2.  The concrete core is heavy and hence provides good thermal inertia i.e. takes long to  heat up or cool down.

  3. There is no ambient moisture condensation in the building and hence no ugly seepage or moisture patches.

  4. The interlocking "Lintel", "Halfheight" & "Endpiece" blocks ensure snugfit door and window openings. Besides this the concrete is contained in two airtight outer layers and hence there is minimal air leakage with Air change per hour (ACH) of 0.5 in ICF buildings besides 8 in conventional ones. 

  5. The outer layers of EPS dampens all "Impact" sounds and the heavy concrete core stops all "airborne" sounds, leading to very quite interiors in ICF buildings.

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We undertake building envelope insulation (roof and wall), roof waterproofing, application of EPS-based design elements (fins, shadings, screens, etc.) and the construction of 100% insulated, disaster-resistant buildings in India and abroad.

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