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  1. Waterproofing of all kinds

  2. Facade Elements, trims, ornate columns and Mouldings for beautification

  3. High Solar Reflectance Index Paints

  4. Bull marking or Wall Straightening through application of differing thicknesses of Insulation layers.

  5. Trestles, the Steel Scaffolding systems for ICF Buildings 

Weatherproofing a building needs both waterproofing and insulation. Look no further, we have the unique expertise to provide all these complimentary services under one roof! Roof insulation, waterproofing for your building (either old or new), wall insulation or construction of fully insulated buildings or even improving aesthetics of the building through addition of facade elements, you name it and we have it. We provide two categories of products & services as under : -



How much cooler will my house be when I insulate?

Insulation doesn’t actually make you cooler or warmer. What insulation does is allow you to maintain a more even temperature more easily. In summer a well insulated home will stay close to the overnight temperature( say low 20’s ) whilst outside the temperature will rise to over 30 degrees or more, hence the saying up to 10 degrees cooler. In Winter the reverse happens, we are comfortable with heaters on and a temperature of say 18 – 20 degrees but in an un-insulated home the temperature will drop rapidly when the heaters are turned off. On a cold morning you will be within a degree or two of outside temperatures, say 7 0r 8 degrees whereas a well insulated home with good window coverings will stay within a few degrees of the comfortable 18 – 20 degrees. Again the saying 10 degrees warmer.

Waterproofing alone cannot prevent structural damage or protect the building, by itself its effectiveness is also not long lasting due to its brittle nature. 

Cracks on the roof are caused by daily expansion & contraction of the various layers that are part of the roofing structure. They become hot due to solar heat in the day & cool down after sunset. 

These different layers - the roofing slab, waterproofing layer, external tiles & the finishing plaster on the terrace all expand & contract at different rates as their capacity to absorb heat & release it varies.

However, if an insulating layer is introduced on the external surface, the heat cannot penetrate into the Roof slab & life of the structure is thus protected &  prolonged.

Which part of the construction is winter heat loss or Summer heat gain maximum from?

Despite  expensive Waterproofing on my roof by a reputed contractor with high quality materials, the terrace is damaged with worn out grouted tiles making it unsafe to walk upon. Also there are many cracks on the edges / joints along the  parapet walls. Can insulating my roof  help?

Roof & walls account for the maximum infiltration, about 50-60%.

What sort of disruption will there be to my home while insulation is being installed?

1000 sqft of the insulating material can be fixed by 2 people per day. This means that we will be out of your hair quite soon! How soon exactly depends on the size of the area being insulated.

Our trained crew will clean up after themselves and leave your building as clean as possible!

What’s the thickest and best Insulation I can get?

Be careful here! It is important to match the value of your insulation to the job in hand. Bigger (or in this case, thicker and denser) isn’t always best!!!  Factors to be considered prior to installation include the amount of space available, and your budget, which affect the thickness and density of the insulating material thaat can be used. 

According to our builder, the plus point of our home was the roof with white glazed tiles (above a sloping mud phaska)for solar heat reflection. But over the last few years, all we have experienced is increasingly hot indoor temperatures & waterlogging on the terrace leading to damp walls. How can you help?

Heat ingress takes place by conduction, convection & radiation.
Solar heat comes inside buildings mostly by means of conduction, through heated roof, walls, doors & windows, floors & air leaks in intersections and cracks.
Insulation combined with waterproof layer on roof & walls  checks heat gain by both conduction & convection.
Most of the incoming Radiant heat is thru glass doors & windows, white tiles can reflect only a small percentage.
Unfortunately, they can do so for only a short period as in a tropical country like ours, dirt & dust deposits on these tiles further reduce their effectiveness.
The durability-product life, stability of insulating properties- whether or not it decreases with age, are vital factors that should be considered when selecting an insulation product.
Ideally, the product life should match the life of the building!
Finally, if the gradient is provided by a layer of soil or mud phaska (as is common), improper sloping can cause water logging  & seepage cannot be prevented if this goes unchecked for a considerable period.

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We undertake building envelope insulation (roof and wall), roof waterproofing, application of EPS-based design elements (fins, shadings, screens, etc.) and the construction of 100% insulated, disaster-resistant buildings in India and abroad.

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