KOOLTILES : Interlocking Tiles for Over Deck Roof Insulation 

KOOLTILES laid on waterproofed terrace

During summers when the ambient temperature soars, touching 45 degrees, the roof absorbs and stores the solar irradiation, its temperature may be higher at 55 -60 degrees. This heat is transferred to the interiors of the top floors through radiation and conduction making the living spaces unbearable. With the reduced apartment heights for cost savings and the increasing ambient temperature due to Global Warming, this effect is becoming more pronounced every year.


  1. Seamless insulation with no thermal bridging on jointing lines

  2. 30% reduced tonnage of airconditioner.

  3. AC compressor maintains temperature with less running, hence saves electricity.

  4. Protects the waterproofing layer from daily expansion and contraction thus keeping it free from cracks or spoilage.

  5. Prevents roof slab crack formation along the parapets as the day and night temperature of slab does not differ much.

  6. No leakages from the waterproofing layer under the insulation jointing lines.

  7. During cold winters the insulation layer keeps the roof slab warm and hence no seepage due to moisture condenstion.

  8. Good sound insulation for footstep and other impact sounds.

KOOLTILES covered with screed

KOOLTILES covered with brick tiles over soil slope

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KOOLTILES covered with brick tiles

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