Hail Storm in Noida=Scary Thunder Claps under metal roofs

Yesterday (07.02.19) there was a scary hailstorm in Noida. While the kids enjoyed the snowy aftereffects, must have been scary under a metal roof that Noida is dotted with. With legal restrictions on additional floorspace, metal sheds on the top floor are a no-brainer for the free additional floorspace, but can be very uncomfortable for people working there in summers, winters and can have really scary sound effect during hailstorms like yesterday.

How can one overcome this? Check out our ongoing site treatment in Delhi in a Kids Playzone. Not only does it reduce the airconditioning load substantially and prevent condensation droppings during cold nights but also prevents this scary sound on metal roof during hail storms.

Ist layer of insulation inserts inside metal roof profiles being fixed

2nd layer of insulation laid on top

Protective reinforced cementitious coating over insulation

Heat reflective high SRI (Solar reflectance index) final finish

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