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About Reliable ICF- a product of Reliable Building Solutions

Reliable Building Solutions is the first company to introduce Insulated Concrete Formwork or ICF to India. Over the last two decades, ICFs have become the most preferred construction material for green buildings in many countries with extreme weather conditions due to their -

  • reduced construction time,

  • compatibility with any inside or outside surface finish,

  • strength,

  • mold & pest resistance,

  • noise reduction,

  • reduced dust & dirt infiltration, and

  • significant and continuing energy savings

Reliable ICF is a many-in-one product

Can you believe you can get ALL THIS in LESSER TIME and a SIMILAR PRICE-POINT as a conventional construction method?!?!?!

Fully insulated and durable building

The fully-insulated nature of Reliable ICF buildings ensures that your electricity needs are lowest possible, and that the structure does not crack due to thermal stress.
If you pay for something, would you not want it to last very, very long? The insulation values of EPS used in Reliable ICF stay virtually constant throughout the life of the building, so even your kids and grandkids can enjoy the same comfort as you!