Layer 1 - Insulation fills profile

Layer 2 - Second Insulation  layer 

Layer 3 - Reinforced Polymeric cement coating

Layer 4 - High SRI Paint to reflect solar rays

Reinforced Polymeric cement coating finished

Insulation of Sloping Roofs

Sloping roofs are becoming popular as they go well with Light Gauge Steel Structures and can be used in temporary structures where conventional construction is legally not possible. However, the problem with Sloping steel roofs is that they are highly conductive thermally and can threateningly amplify sounds of raindrops or hail storms. These problems can be addressed by insulating the metal roofs without adding any weight on structure.

Other Products

Overdeck Insulation (insulation placed above the roof)

As far as overdeck roof insulation is concerned it needs to address the profiles of the roof (corrugated GI/cement fiber or profiled precoated steel) without adding load to the structure to address the needs of insulation and sound dampening. For this:

1. Layer 1 of insulation cut to shape and fixed to fill the roof profiles 

2. Layer 2 of insulation provides a monolithic insulation to suit the design

3. Layer 3 consists of two coats of polymerized cement reinforced with fiber glass mesh providing a strong walkable surface.

4. Layer 4 consists of a High SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) paint to ensure reflectance of 90% of Solar Heat and thus providing a cool and heat non absorbing final surface.

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