Bull Marking or Wall Straightening with EIFS

Modern frame structures with infill walls have a major problem of significant gaps  between the frame (beams and columns) and the infill walls. As the walls and frame elements are made of different materials with different expansion and contractions during the daily cycle of heating up during the day and cooling down at night, these gaps have a tendency to increase over time. So much so that the gaps appearing as cracks may even allow rain water to seep in. 

In case external wall insulation is required by the client, then this problem is easily addressed by adding insulation layers of varying thicknesses to fill up the gaps. As the insulation material is lighter and not costlier than the additional insulation material being incorporated, this allows a uniform facade minus all the undulations and gaps. Most importantly, the EIFS covering ensures that the building elements like wall and frame are not significantly affected by the diurnal temperature gradient and there are no cracks or spalls (peeling of outer layer) over the building life. This layer also ensures that there are no moisture condensation during the high relative humidity days and hence no seepages or watermarks.

Steps to ensure wall straightening

  1. Reference pieces of insulation material, say 100mm x 100mm x100mm are fixed to the facade and desired facade level marked on it. 

  2. Reference pieces are cut / rasped to the final façade level.

  3. Grid of similar pieces of insulation board fixed onto the wall.

  4. Using the façade reference pieces and levelling bobs the grid pieces are cut/ rasped to final façade finish level.

  5. The entire grid ;level incorporated in a shop drawing and insulation material requirement assessed.

  6. Insulation materials fixed as per EIFS system

  7. Final façade coating and finishing done as per EIFS system.

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